Our services

Case Meallin provides project and development services across all stages of a project from conception to completion, auditing and project recovery. Our property solutions are tailored to a client’s needs, whether it be the end-to-end delivery of a project, or seamless integration into a project already underway.

We provide services across the following areas:

  • Project Management

    We draw on our expertise to carefully manage all aspects of design, construction and delivery of projects to ensure clients’ objectives, budget and program requirements are achieved.

    Our project management services include:

    • Client representation
    • Project brief preparation
    • Project planning and programming
    • Consultant team procurement
    • Facilitation of authority approvals/development approvals
    • Design and documentation management
    • Risk management
    • Cost control and value management
    • Procurement advice management (including tender & award)
    • Contract preparation
    • Contract administration and superintendence
    • Management of contract completion, commissioning and handover
    • Defects coordination and close out reporting
  • Development Management

    We manage the development of a project from conception to completion with the aim of yielding the highest and best return on investment for our clients.

    Our development management services include:

    • Site appraisal, procurement and acquisition
    • Strategic planning
    • Due diligence services
    • Review and investigation of development options
    • Project establishment
    • Feasibility analysis
    • Finance procurement
    • Sales and marketing coordination
    • Purchaser settlement management
    • Lease / sales coordination
  • Tenancy Delivery and Retail Design Management

    We offer an all-inclusive tenancy delivery service to property owners, developers and retailers to ensure assets are maximised for increased returns. We have a proven track record of achieving set handover dates and ensuring 100 per cent of leased tenancies are open for trade at centre openings.

    Our tenancy delivery services include:

    • Tenancy programming and leasing strategies
    • Retail design management
    • Fitout management
    • Coordination of base building modifications
    • Tenancy coordination reporting
    • Cost management
    • Preparation of tenancy fit out guidelines
  • Property Advisory

    We have a wealth of experience when it comes to potential property developments on proposed sites. We provide our clients with clear and concise advice to enable informed decisions.

    Our property advisory services include:

    • Project feasibility analysis
    • Due diligence services
    • Client representation
    • Building audits and evaluation
    • Contract superintendence
    • Project recovery
    • Bid Management